When you strip away the intense rapport shared between sex worker and client, remove the affectionate conversation and camaraderie, and dismiss the rapturously orgasmic lovemaking, what’s left is a simple transaction: intimacy in exchange for money. This is not to say that the feelings shared between sex worker and client aren’t genuine — certainly the warmth I feel for my clients is completely authentic. But what makes legal prostitutes special is that we offer something that your girlfriend, Tinder date, or wife could never give you. We offer exactly what you desire, without compromise or judgment. We give you what you want. What you really want. What you yearn for when you permit your thoughts to run wild and explore your deepest passions. We turn those fantasies into memories. And that costs money.

But how much does a transformative encounter with a Nevada brothel courtesan cost? The answer is not as complicated as you might think, but it does require some explanation…

Licensed Nevada Sex Workers Set Their Own Individual Prices

In an earlier post about Nevada brothels I explained the basics of what these establishments are and how they generally operate, so I won’t go into detail about that here. What I will focus on is the fact that every single sex worker operating out of a legal Nevada brothel is not an employee of the brothel. We are independent contractors that run our individual businesses out of the brothel. The brothel charges sex workers a rental fee and takes a significant portion of sex worker earnings in return for the sex worker’s opportunity to practice prostitution at a licensed and regulated establishment. Because of this, each individual sex worker sets her own prices for the services she offers. Brothel management may advise on pricing, but the brothel does not set prices for the sex workers on premises. This means that costs for sexual services may differ widely from sex worker to sex worker at a Nevada brothel.

Nevada Brothel Prices are Negotiable

While each sex worker sets her own prices at the legal brothel, these prices are not set in stone. All costs for services at a Nevada bordello are negotiable. Negotiations take place in person at the brothel, between sex worker and client, in the privacy of the courtesan’s room. (It is unlawful for a prostitute to engage in solicitation anywhere in the United States other than inside a legal brothel. Because of this, licensed courtesans discuss the details regarding our prices only in the privacy of the bawdy house.)

The reason sex workers negotiate with clients, and often allow for leeway in our pricing, is because we want to work with the customer to create an experience that fits the client’s desires as well as his budget. The negotiation is an opportunity for the customer and his paramour to collaborate on a rendezvous that will fulfill everyone’s expectation, and ensure that both client and courtesan are tremendously satisfied by the close of the encounter. After all, the best client is a repeat client, so sex workers like me want to make certain that you have such a marvelous experience that you can’t wait to see us again.

For over 50 years, legal Nevada sex workers have catered to a wide variety of customers from all social classes and walks of life. As my clients will testify, I can find a way to work with every reasonable budget and ensure that every single customer leaves my boudoir wholly satiated and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Time, Activities, and Attitude Affect Nevada Brothel Pricing

The three most significant factors that impact sex worker pricing are time, activities, and client attitude. If, for example, a customer wants to spend a week alone with me at the bordello, such a prolonged encounter will most certainly cost more than a two-hour girlfriend experience (GFE). By the same token, a fifteen-minute quickie will generally cost less than the multi-hour GFE session. As the cliché goes, “time is money,” and that’s definitely the case with a sex worker’s valuable time. That being said, no matter how long we’re together, thirty minutes or thirty hours, I’ll make sure that you have the time of your life.

Every sex worker values erotic activities according to her individual preferences. But, overall, the more involved or intimate a desired client’s activity, the more it will cost. For example, a full-on GFE session — complete with getting-to-know-each-other conversation, deep sensual romance and intense French kissing – is highly intimate and is almost always a premium-priced service. A hand job, on the other…er…hand, is a heck of a lot of fun but often much less intimate and, consequently, lower in cost.

Sessions that require special preparation can also increase a sex worker’s fee. If you want a fantasy role-play party that requires me to memorize Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet prior to our encounter, I would definitely charge you for that.

Additionally, client demeanor is a big factor in pricing. A clean, polite gentleman with a gracious attitude will be treated with the same level of courtesy he shows me. On the flipside, a rude, crass or unnecessarily vulgar customer just may find that he receives what sex workers refer to as the “asshole tax,” getting charged extra for bad behavior.

The bottom line is that there are no hard and fast pricing numbers for legal Nevada sex workers. Every sex worker is different and every encounter is unique. Sex workers operating inside Nevada brothels will create a distinct session tailored specifically to your innermost fantasies. Regardless of what your personal sexual adventure costs, I’m certain that you will forever consider it priceless.

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