In his classic book “Intimate Behavior,” author Desmond Morris reveals that of all the erotic, tender, and most cherished parts of the human body, it is not the genitals that are considered the most intimate part of us. That designation, the region that is to be touched only by our most beloved, is reserved for the human face – and no human activity is more intimate than two faces joining together in a hot, passionate kiss.

I know what you’re thinking: “How is it possible that our face is more intimate than our naughty bits?” After all, our genitals are so taboo that we hide them from the world until we’re alone with a sex partner. But it’s true, and the sex work field proves Morris’s assumption.

Virtually by definition, a sex worker providing prostitution services will engage in intercourse and oral sex with her client in return for payment. But this does not necessarily mean that mouth-to-mouth kissing is included with the transaction. For many sex workers, kissing is an activity reserved only for the loved ones in their personal life. As a legal prostitute that has worked in Nevada’s legal brothels for five years and has gotten to know several sex workers, I can tell you that there are quite a few sex workers that choose not to kiss their clients on the mouth. Every sex worker has personal boundaries that she expects her clients to adhere to, and kissing in one of the activities that a client should never assume is on the menu. Just as some women choose not to engage in anal sex or perform certain BDSM services, kissing is a service that should be considered exceptional due to kissing’s highly intimate qualities.

So, do I choose to kiss my clients? Absolutely! I sincerely enjoy deep sensuous French kissing and include it as part of my GFE experience.

GFE stands for “Girlfriend Experience,” and it is the most intimate of any rendezvous you can enjoy with a sex worker. In a GFE, you and I will have an unrushed encounter where we will get to know each other a lot better. We’ll have great conversation, share a delicious meal, perhaps have a drink or two, and we’ll learn about each other’s unique qualities and desires. Naturally, as our encounter organically evolves, we will delicately touch, lovingly embrace, and passionately kiss.

To me, as with many other sex workers, a kiss is special. But kissing is not excluded from my menu. Kissing is part of the deeply intimate sexual adventure I embark on with my GFE clientele. A GFE encounter with me is very instinctual and impulsive, where my lover and I take our time, let nature take its course, and intuitively work ourselves into a sexual frenzy that is genuinely gratifying. Our emotional, spiritual, and sensual encounter is so satiating because in emerges from a place of authenticity and trust. A GFE with me is a situation where we develop a nonjudgmental understanding of one another and commit to making all of our fantasies a reality. Kissing is a part of that experience, because a GFE with me is the most intimate experience we can truly share together.