We’re now well into the 2020s, and what a whirlwind of a decade it’s turning out to be! A notoriously incessant pandemic and endless technological innovations are changing the way we work and play, and a war in Ukraine is fueling anxieties and aggressions that were already in full tilt thanks to cultural movements and protests inflamed by chronic societal inequities. Our lives are changing at a rapid pace, and sex workers are not immune to the impact of these dynamic times.

As a legal courtesan operating out of a licensed Nevada brothel, I’m in a somewhat unique position that allows me to evaluate developments in sex trends brought about by this new decade, and opine on how these changes impact requests for the services I offer. While the “Girlfriend Experience” has long been one of my most requested services, it has never been as in-demand as it is today. My inbox is indeed bursting with inquiries for the service, with at least a third more daily Girlfriend Experience requests since the turn of the decade. In this post, I’ll explain what the Girlfriend Experience is and why I believe the service is more popular than ever in the 2020s.

What is the Girlfriend Experience?

The Girlfriend Experience, or “GFE” for short, is fundamentally a pay-for-play encounter where the sex worker provides the client with more than merely erotic stimulation. A GFE is a deeply personal and highly romantic rendezvous, often nearly indistinguishable from a date. Just as in a conventional courtship, during a GFE an emotional bond is formed, cultivated, and often results in a long-term relationship between client and courtesan.

There are two primary distinctions between a Girlfriend Experience and experiencing an actual girlfriend. The first is the transactional element. Make no mistake, a GFE is a relationship, but it’s a business relationship. While the conversation, camaraderie, empathy, and passion are generally authentic, both parties agree to the affair taking place within clearly defined physical and emotional boundaries and for a predetermined fee.

The second aspect of a GFE that differentiates the service from a typical relationship is the judgment-free nature of GFE encounters. Unlike traditional relationships, the client need not filter his desires or hide his vulnerabilities for fear of losing his significant other. Throughout the Girlfriend Experience, the sex worker becomes a trusted and sympathetic confidante, similar to a therapist but in a much more casual and organic climate. A client may candidly open up to the sex worker and unload his deep-seated frustrations, freely reveal his most intense yearnings, and safely indulge in his fetishes. This combination of unrestricted emotional release and nonjudgmental sensual permissiveness makes the GFE incredibly addictive. But why is it even more popular in the 2020’s? I believe it comes down to three factors described below.

Introverted people’s post-quarantine need for companionship

At least 25% of the population is made up of introverts, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, many shy people retreated even deeper into their shells. Introverts were forced into quarantine, lessening their already-limited social interaction and exacerbating any preexisting anxieties surrounding dating and sex. Prior to the 2020s, a large percentage of my GFE clients were introverts and individuals with a degree of social anxiety. These self-conscious clients come to see me because they’re searching for a kind, patient, and understanding woman to put them at ease in an angst-free environment. Now that the pandemic is on the wane, introverted people are finding it difficult readjusting to the bustle of society. More than ever, as a result of pandemic-related hyper-introversion, shy people are actively searching for a GFE with a sex worker to delicately abate their tensions as these clients slowly transition back into public life.

A #MeToo-inspired fear of getting “cancelled” or worse

Interoffice dalliances, sexual affairs between coworkers, are extremely common, but not as common today as they were prior to the viral #MeToo movement that publicized allegations of sex abuse and took the late 2010s by storm. As the definition of workplace sexual harassment gets broader and broader, men are becoming increasingly apprehensive to seek a fling with a colleague. CEOs and men in positions of power are particularly fearful to make romantic advances, as one false move can jeopardize their position and turn these men into pariahs, ostracized via cancel culture. In my recent experience, I have seen many professional men that decided to seek the embrace of a GFE-practicing courtesan rather than take their chances with a coworker.

The “Roaring 20s” (sort of)

Another reason why I believe the Girlfriend Experience is steadily rising in popularity has to do with a general sense of “you only live once” in a time when humanity as a whole faces constant reminders of its mortality. A devastating global pandemic followed immediately by an invasion of Ukraine that may precipitate a Third World War has us all on edge. Many of us are dealing with these volatile times by living life to its fullest and checking off items on our bucket list. Men that prior to the 2020s may have been more frugal with their income are taking a little out of their nest egg and satisfying their appetite for flesh and fantasy. It’s the 2020s after all, and life may be shorter than they think.