Many of my friends and longtime clients know that one of my specialties is working with adult virgins. Helping these sensitive and self-conscious men transition from a solitary existence to a life that includes copious amounts of orgasmic sex gives me a great deal of pleasure and a sense of achievement. In 2016, I held an AMA on Reddit to let adult virgins know that I’m available to help them lose their virginity and prepare them to be confident lovers. Today, I’m proud to say that I have taken the virginity of over 500 men, legally, safely, and discreetly, inside my private boudoir at the Nevada brothels I’ve worked for over the years.

I receive many emails daily from adult virgins yearning to change their situation. I encourage readers to revisit that Reddit post, as many of the questions answered within the thousands of comments are certainly still valid. I also invite every single adult virgin reading this to contact me so that we can schedule the magical date that you’ll forever remember: the day you lost your virginity.

Whether you’re 21 or 71, it’s never too late to start having good sex. As a licensed prostitute, I provide a confidential and nonjudgmental experience, in a safe space, that will help ease your nerves and stimulate your senses. Together, we’ll work through your inhibitions, become comfortable with each other’s bodies, and slip into a passionate embrace. As you reach a satiating release, your years of sexual frustration will be replaced with bliss, joy, and a newfound love for yourself.

If you’re an adult virgin, permit me to help you through this unfortunate but temporary phase of your life. Let’s break the cycle of pain and self-loathing associated with adult virginity, and transform you into a more confident person with a healthy sexual future. You deserve a full life, complete with the unending joy of sensual touch. Together, we can make it happen.

A personal note…

When I was in my late teens during the mid 2010s, I was awkward, introverted, heavy set and living with my mother. I had no motivation or drive, and the only thing that I looked forward to was playing Skyrim and Soul Calibur 5 online every day.

Immediately after I got out of bed, I would go straight to the TV and stay there for pretty much the entire day, never socializing or going outside, and eating way too many munchies. It was a depressing and genuinely lonely point in my life, and it felt like I had no future ahead of me.

I knew something needed to change. I reached a point where I got fed up with myself and left home to try to find some sort of purpose. I worked part-time jobs and struggled to make ends meet. It was hard fighting against the sadness and self-loathing, but I pushed and pushed to get myself through each day. Finally, I discovered the legal brothels of Nevada and decided to try my luck in the adult entertainment industry. Something clicked when I began my new profession as a sex worker. I found a satisfying and authentically enjoyable purpose.

Nearly eight years later I am financially stable, healthy, and socially confident. I’m so much happier now, and I want you guys to know that anyone can get out of the rut that they’re in. It begins with the realization that you want to change yourself for the better.

If you’re an adult virgin and you feel like you’re forever locked into a lonely, sexless existence, you’re wrong. Together, we can break the cycle of loneliness and put you on a path that leads to a great sex life, legitimate self-confidence, and warm, loving relationships. Reach out to me. I understand. I’m here for you.

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