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My name is Roxanne and welcome to my website. I appreciate you stopping by to take a look! If you end up liking what you find here, then be sure to tell me about it.

I’ve been servicing clients in the legal Nevada brothels since 2014, so by this point you might expect that I’m extremely passionate and knowledgeable about my craft. I’ve always been great at going with the flow and just being myself, and my work has only helped me learn how to be the most authentic version of me. Because of this mindset, it makes booking an experience with me a genuine one without any pressure.

I’m so grateful to have been told by so many amazing people that I’m easy to get along with and have been able to have a positive impact on their lives. I aim for my services to help uplift people who are seeking a no strings attached, professional encounter where we can form a connection that creates a very pleasurable outcome! The most fulfilling part of my work has always been when I’m able to create bonds with like-minded people that are open to the idea of spending time with a professional companion.

I am a person who’s a bit more on the shy side, and enjoys all things nerdy! I spend the majority of my time at home caring for my pets, practicing my own self-care, playing video games, or winding down with some anime. When I do leave my home it’s to go somewhere beautiful to hike, or to go see some live music. In my personal life I prefer to have a small social circle of special people, but I still very much enjoy my alone time. I’ve always identified as a sensitive individual, and this willingness to be sensitive with others has led me to make some awesome connections with people. My wish in this life is to exist in comfort with my pets, friends and family around me. It’s a simple wish but I honestly do not want any more than that. My role as a courtesan allows me the freedom to have the time to spend with my loved ones at home, and the financial freedom to help support those around me while also being able to pursue my varying interests.


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Needless to say, I feel empowered by my work and I’m very interested in continuing to see where this journey takes me!

At this point in my life, even though I’m only in my mid-twenties, I consider myself a seasoned courtesan, so over time I’ve been able to narrow down what services I offer to offerings that come naturally to me. I specialize in providing a relaxing Girlfriend Experience that focuses on both giving and receiving pleasure catered to our individual needs. This type of encounter is best for people looking for non-rushed intimacy that unfolds organically, and this is personally my favorite way to connect with someone.

Another service that I consider a specialty of mine is working with adult virgins to feel more comfortable being with a woman sexually. I offer a judgement free zone for anyone to express what they feel has been holding them back in their romantic relationships, and I’m happy to lead the way on how a positive sexual encounter can go.

Both of these specialties should be multiple-hour rendezvous for the most satisfying outcome, but I’m open to, and can work with, just about any session duration. I’m very sensual in the bedroom and love to take things slow. When I witness my partner enjoying the pleasure I’m giving them, it just gets me all the more excited! I want you to feel like both your body and mind are being taken care of intimately, this is what makes the whole experience memorable and satisfying. Some other specialties that I cater to include sleep overs, couples, and multi-girl parties! All of these options are a lot of fun, and I’d love to try all of them with you.

Sharing intimacy with another human is something that the majority of us desire, and it’s without question that this physical and mental connection can be a huge boon to our overall mental health. I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to participate in a career that helps fellow human beings feel wanted, taken care of, and heard. Many people wouldn’t think of hiring an adult entertainer as a form of self care, but it most certainly can be. As a result of my empathetic nature, I completely love the idea of nurturing the minds and bodies of those who are looking for a form of intimacy that naturally flows. When I’m meeting with a potential suitor for the first time, I really enjoy sitting down and getting to know about the person in front of me. This simple act sets the stage for how our time together will go, and I always aim to make sure our encounter is spent in the best possible way. My main priority is to treat each individual with enough care and respect to help them feel more happy, confident, relieved or whatever it is that you’re coming to me for!

People come to me yearning to be cared for.

I am proud of the work that I do, and I feel that it’s my responsibility to make sure my guests are comfortable before and after our time together. It goes without saying that every provider in this space is going to have their own unique approach to how they conduct their services, and I hope that what I share here will attract the type of person that I can provide the best experience for!

I hope to meet you soon…


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